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What To Do When Your Immigration Application Has Been Denied

When your application for a United States visa is rejected, the best first step you can make is not to panic. There are numerous reasons that a visa can be rejected, and this can be fixed. In this situation, it is not only recommended, but strongly advised that you consult with a legal representative. Hire a Las Vegas immigration lawyer—Las Vegas is home to over 170,000 legal immigrants who live out their lives every day. If you want the absolute best in legal care, hire a Las Vegas immigration lawyer from Tingey Injury Law Firm.

Why Was My Visa Application Rejected?

Believe it or not, one typo can spell certain doom for your visa application. Your name is stamped upon all of your documentation. If you filled out sections of any form, and for whatever reason misspelled your name or made it illegible, your visa application could have been immediately rejected. This is especially frustrating because the remainder of your application hasn’t been reviewed, meaning once you correct this issue, other sections of your application get denied for different reasons. Be certain to have your Las Vegas immigration lawyer inspect your documents carefully for any typo you may have made.

Incorrect or Out-Of-Date Information

Blogs which haven’t been updated in a long time tend to provide useless, out-of-date information which won’t assist you at all in applying for a visa. Ensure you get your legal advice from reputable sources, such as the website of a law office. When you’re trusting the internet for information, you need to make sure you’re looking at the right sources. Most bloggers, whether they post about legal matters or not, rarely revisit and update their posts. With the internet and information aging by the minute, this is a detail not to be overlooked.

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Missing Documents

Nobody is incapable of making mistakes. It’s very possible that in the shuffle of assembling your collection of documents, one vital piece was misplaced. If your application was rejected, assure that you’ve reassessed your documents, and that everything is present.

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Things get a bit more serious here. This isn’t a clerical issue or a concern regarding a lack of documents; you were found ineligible by willingly committing fraud. Under these circumstances, you will be deemed permanently ineligible for future visas, meaning you will be declined every time without question. Your name alone will trigger a red flag. Through this, you need proper advice from the consular office to apply for a waiver of ineligibility.

Waiver of Ineligibility

A waiver of ineligibility falls under the Immigration and Nationality Act, commonly referred to as the INA. They can provide provisions to allow a visa applicant entry to the United States through assisting them with a waiver of ineligibility. Waivers don’t come with any sort of guarantee whatsoever. Being approved for a waiver means you may be approved for a visa.

Depending on the issue, waivers may be completely out of the question. The consular office will notify you if you are available for a waiver. Your local consular office will tell you the logistics of how to apply, however, at this stage in your visa application, you are essentially on a last straw. It is imperative at this point during your application process to seek legal help with this issue.

Correcting Most Denied Visa Applications

An excellent tool used to determine what you need to fix in your application is outlined in your rejection. In most cases, visa denials come with notifications regarding the specific chapter of law which applies to the cause for denial. This will allow you to begin the path to correction and pave the way for you to reapply at a future date.

Be Careful With Attempted Negotiations

While it may be difficult to accept, the decisions of the consular office are final. If you attempt to negotiate the denial with them through verbally aggressive words or inapplicable means, it will not help you. Legal representation will get you further, and should be sought out immediately to alleviate the process.

“Bulletproof” Documentation

Under some circumstances, your documentation, whether authentic or not, may have been prepared sloppily. In this case, the issuing authority, either being a school in the United States for a student visa, or employer for a work visa, should be contacted immediately. This could be a reason for denial. When gathering your documents and receiving an application from the consular office, you should request a formal list of the documents and their specifications required to submit a properly filled-out visa application form. If your documentation appears solid, is created with all every section properly filled-out, and any hand-written sections are completely legible, you should have no issues with successfully applying for your visa.

Final Thoughts

In these cases you should seek out legal assistance. Improperly handling your documents multiple times could result in increased delays for successfully obtaining your visa. United States government websites can be of some assistance in these situations, however, they are not certified lawyers specializing in immigration. Legal help is the only path to simplifying the process before it has the potential to get worse.

Improperly handling your own case without legal representation has the potential means to lead to permanent ineligibility, which in very few cases can be fixed. Even if you believe you are properly equipped to handle every section along the way, it is ill-advised to carry on without legal assistance from certified professionals.

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