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Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

In the United States each year, hundreds of thousands of pedestrians – or foot traffic – are injured by a motor vehicle. Nearly 60 percent of those injuries are fatal. As a pedestrian walking on public streets or sidewalks, you’re at risk of injury or death due to the negligence of motor vehicle drivers. Children, the elderly, and those who are mentally or physically disabled are at an even greater risk of injury.

A pedestrian accident is often caused by the negligence of the vehicle operator. Often, these accidents occur because the driver is:

  • Distracted by a cell phone or other hand-held device
  • Speeding
  • Under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Unaware (or unwilling) to yield for pedestrian traffic
  • Not paying attention to the road

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, you need a lawyer who can get you the compensation you deserve. Being struck by a vehicle can lead to physical injury including short and long-term disability, resulting in lost wages, compounding medical bills and ongoing pain and suffering.

While our mission is making sure our pedestrian accident clients are fairly compensated, we are saddened anytime an accident like this occurs. Being an alert and careful driver and pedestrian can help prevent these kinds of accidents here in Las Vegas. If you’re driving, please be cautious and avoid distractions like cell phones, navigation equipment, or even eating. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and make sure you’re familiar with basic traffic safety laws and procedures.

If you’re a pedestrian, be cautious and alert while you walk city streets and sidewalks. Always use crosswalks when crossing the street, and be sure to only do so when it is legally permissible. If you’re accompanying children, the elderly, or a person who is mentally or physically handicapped, be sure you know where they are at all times.

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