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Lyft Accident

What To Do When Injured In A Lyft Accident Las Vegas

If you are a regular user of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft, it’s likely only a matter of time until you find yourself involved in an accident in Las Vegas. Whether this has happened to you or not, the biggest risk of being injured in a Lyft accident in Las Vegas comes from the city adopting Uber and Lyft as a more predominant Transportation Network Company (TNC) than a traditional taxi company. In full earnest, the entire state of Nevada is overrun with these TNCs, which siphon close to all available clientele for traditional cab companies. Progress happens; out with the old and in with the new, as they say, but it’s not always for the best.

Lyft Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Getting hit by a taxicab yields massive liability on both the driver and company. As we’ve seen in cases throughout history, enormous returns are given to those that are merely tapped by taxicabs, but it’s not the same for these new TNCs. Without the liabilities of a traditional taxicab service, you can expect the following. Getting injured in a Lyft accident in Las Vegas is quickly becoming an infraction on basic rights that we’ve all been appointed in incidents of the past; it’s a matter of public safety.

  • Lyft drivers are less recognizable than taxicabs
  • Lyft drivers often work extra long shifts, not under regulatory restrictions of time spent on the road
  • Drivers are responsible for their own maintenance; when putting that much stress on any vehicle, it requires constant checks and balances, like you would find in the garage of any taxicab company

Who’s Responsible?

Lyft Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Lyft isn’t claiming to be the same thing as a taxicab service; in fact, they pride themselves on being the opposite—an arrangement service pairing independently contracted drivers and needful travelers. They’re merely the agency who hires the worker to do the potentially shoddy job, claiming indemnification from said workers’ actions to a certain degree. Depending on if you’re injured in a Lyft accident, or injured in a Lyft accident, you may entitled to different claims.

First Scenario: Physically Hit By A Lyft Driver

While any scenario where you may get injured is unpleasant and unwarranted, the compensation differs depending on key aspects of how these incidents occur. If you’re outside of a Lyft drivers’ vehicle and stricken by said vehicle, it can be as simple a matter as collecting the maximum amount allowed by the driver’s insurance. Sometimes it isn’t.

Second Scenario: Uninsured Motorist Crashes Into Your Lyft

You’re a passenger, and while your driver breezes through a green light, the fellow from the left side of the intersection didn’t care to notice his had turned red. This motorist is also completely uninsured, which paints the question: where is compensation going to come from? Here’s a plus side to Lyft—they maintain an extremely high level of insurance for these specific incidents.

If you’re taking a traditional taxicab service in Las Vegas, you’d encounter issues with nearly every service out there; they’re not required to carry uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist protection coverage of any sort. In this regard, if you’re grabbing a ride on a drunken Saturday night, odds are you’re going to be a bit safer in a Lyft, (or at least better compensated in the event of an injury). You will need a Lyft Accident Attorney in Las Vegas to settle your case.

How Lyft’s Insurance Policy System Works

“Driver mode” is a term of reference referring to the state of a Lyft contracted driver. When their app is flipped on, and they are accepting rides, they fall beneath the canopy that Lyft provides with their self-proclaimed first-of-it’s-kind liability insurance. If driver mode is turned off, and the Lyft agent is driving home from a long day’s work, their personal insurance policy is now the active policy for any incidents incurred by said Lyft agent.

If you are hit by a Lyft agent after a grueling, twelve-hour day that he/she has set for themselves, you’re the subject of potential injury. Worse than that, you’re subject to their personal insurance; not Lyft’s superior insurance policies.

How Thorough Are The Background Checks?

Let’s face facts: for entrepreneurs, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to communicate with the public and learn the true value of a dollar. However, not every Lyft agent you ride with will have all of these noble intentions at the helm. Some of them are working two or three jobs and have absolutely no capacity to care for their Lyft contract the way it deserves to be treated; like you’re driving a weapon, which you are. It raises the question: does Lyft actually screen their potential employees the way they are supposed to, or do they let some details slip through the cracks to fill their rosters?

Lyft Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Nevada state laws are extremely strict on certain preliminary qualifications to allow Lyft to hire their agents or drivers. If the name of a potential new hire appears on the Nevada Sex Offender Registry, or if the applicant is found of specific violations between a three-to-seven year gap, depending upon the crime/violation.

Lyft uses standard commercial background checks as opposed to FBI mandated checks. These use biometric identifiers, like DNA and fingerprints, to identify potentially harmful applicants. Where Lyft is headquartered, their top competitor, Uber, faced charges of not properly screening their applicants. Uber hired 25 drivers with criminal records that spanned heinous acts such as kidnapping and murder; with the growing need for these TNCs to hire hundreds of drivers in short time spans, their moral compasses may have taken a slight tilt south.

If you are injured in a Lyft accident in Las Vegas, the first step is gathering a legal advisor. The team of personal injury lawyers at Tingey Injury Law in Las Vegas have earned their reputation on winning cases for victims of unnecessary injuries, and are more than equipped to assist you in attaining proper compensation for any accident, whether covered by Lyft’s policies or not. Getting a legal team or consultant is absolutely crucial to ensure you don’t make a mistake along the way and ruin your claim.

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