Personal Injury Attorneys Las Vegas

Personal Injury Attorneys Las Vegas

Personal Injury Attorneys Las Vegas

Personal Injury Attorneys In Las Vegas: When To Hire A Professional

Very often, a lot of people get involved in accidents that leave them with either severe or minor injury. If the accident happens as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you may want to consider getting compensation for your losses. Accidents like a car crash, motorcycle wreck, medical error, or a manufacturer‘s product defect may lead to long-term disabilities, loss of lives and property. If you have been injured in an accident, what can you do?

While it is true that you can file a personal injury claim by yourself, some circumstances require the expertise and experience of personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas. If you sustained only a mild injury, you could choose to skip an attorney and save cost. However, you need to know when to seek professional advice and assistance. Consider the following circumstances:

1) Severe Injuries

The severity of the injury you sustain in an accident should be considered before you hire an attorney. While some injuries are less severe and may or may not attract any form of compensation, others can be long-term and may attract huge medical bills. Long-term injuries take substantial time to heal and may even cause a permanent disability, thereby affecting your ability to become or stay employed. Once the injury you sustain affects the quality of your life and involves considerable past and future medical expenses, then you need a personal injury attorney to prove your case. The attorney has to consult with each medical professional involved in your case and even invite them to court, if need be, to back your claims.

2) Disputed Liability

It is not unusual for an insurance company to dispute liability even when it is obvious that their client is at fault. The goal of the insurance company here is to make you feel like you do not have a valid claim and are therefore not entitled to any form of compensation. When liability is being disputed, it is necessary to hire the services of personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas to help you gather enough evidence showing that the other party was at fault.

3) Refusal to Pay

Insurance companies often employ different tricks to avoid paying compensation to injured people. They may deliberately delay your claims process, make ridiculous settlement offers, and even refuse to pay you even in the absence of a disputed liability situation. An experienced personal injury attorney is quite familiar with these tactics and knows how to put an end to their tricks ensuring that you get a fair settlement.

4) Insurance Representatives

Once you file a claim against an insurance company, an adjuster or claim representative will contact you. They may ask for medical records, releases, recorded statements and other information. At this point you may cajole into making statements that may contradict your claim, making it invalid in the long run. Additionally, if you sign releases without the insight of an attorney, you give authorization to the insurance company to dig through your medical history. Their goal is to reduce the value of your claim by attributing your injury to a pre-existing incident. Personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas can guide you through the legal process to ensure that you are not cheated out of your settlement.


Personal Injury Attorneys Las Vegas