Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

Some Reasons Why A Personal Injury Lawyer In Las Vegas Might Not Accept Your Case

There are times when personal injury lawyers reject cases, and a lot of people wonder why they do so. There are a lot of reasons why a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can turn down a case, but this article will cover some of those reasons.

When someone gets injured, the person might believe he or she has a case, but they can’t find a personal injury lawyer to take up their case. In order to understand why some lawyers turn down some cases, keep reading to see why they do so.

Here are some of the reasons:

How the Accident Happened

One of the most important things personal injury lawyers put into consideration is how the accident happened. Before they can hold anyone financially accountable, the person must have breached a legal duty (in layman’s term, the person must have done something wrong that resulted in the injury). The fact that the injury is severe or it happened on someone’s premises is not enough reason for a personal injury attorney to hold someone financially accountable.

For instance, if you get involved in a car crash, and you are driving in the wrong lane, or you are driving on one-way, and a driver impacted your car. Who caused the accident is a question that needs to be answered by the jury or judge.

For you to have a viable injury claim, you must be able to prove that you are not the one at fault, you need to show that the other party was at fault. You also need to prove that your fault or contribution to the accident was less than 50 percent. If your contribution to the accident is more than 50 percent, the personal injury attorney in Las Vegas might not take up your case due to the fact that the monetary compensation of the case will be eliminated or reduced depending on the percentage of fault you contributed to the accident.

The Severity of the Injury

One common statement a lot of personal injury lawyers hear most of the time is “I would have been killed.” This is not a legal damage element that can be submitted to a judge or jury. For a personal injury lawyer to take up your case and represent you in court, one of the things they consider is the severity of your injury. They usually look at damages as a gauge of determining possible recovery for handling cases.

If your injuries are not serious, a personal injury lawyer may not accept your case because the monetary compensation that is expected from the case will probably be minimal.

When You Have Taken Your Case to Several Other Attorneys

It is vital that as a personal injury victim, you choose the best personal injury lawyer that can handle your case. However, a lot of cases are rejected by lawyers because some clients tend to choose a lawyer based on the feedback they get regarding their case. When you have taken your case to many other lawyers, and they release or drop you, you will find it difficult to find a personal injury lawyer that will accept your case.


Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas