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Motorcycle Accident

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you love to ride motorcycles, you’re likely well aware of the fact that motorcycle drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident than automobile drivers. What’s more, motorcyclists are eight times more likely to be injured and 34 times more likely to die in a crash than a driver operating any other type of vehicle.

Motorcycle crashes, however, are usually not due to the fault or negligence of the motorcycle driver. Because of their smaller size and minority position on the road, motorcyclists are frequently bumped, hit, sideswiped or pushed by other vehicles. If you frequent our Las Vegas roads on a motorbike, you should know who to call if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.

With the injury and death rates that accompany motorcycle crashes, you can imagine the ramifications a motorcycle accident can have on your life. A crash can lead to physical injury, pain, short or long-term disability, missed wages, compounding medical bills, physical deformity and emotional trauma, not to mention the collateral damage to your property. Oftentimes, a victim of a motorcycle accident has to deal with insurance companies who may not have his or best interests in mind, leading to further distress and frustration.

That’s why you need a team of top motorcycle accident attorneys on your side if you’ve been injured in a motorbike accident. We have extensive experience with motorcycle accident cases like yours, but understand that your needs are unique. We will work with you to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call our offices immediately. Our free consultations will answer your questions and show you why we’re Las Vegas’ top motorcycle accident attorneys, (702) 333-0000.